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Folder Replica - Personal File Database - MtG LAN

Folder Replica (Win2000/XP/Vista/Win7)

License: Donationware

Folder replica is a free folder sync program that is designed to make your job of syncronising large folders and backup hardrives easier .

With Folder Replica you can sync and avoid unnecessary data transfer every time you want to make a fresh copy of your data. And you can use all these features for FREE but if you like this program a small donation would be appreciated.

Main features:

  • ADVANCED BACKUP (ONE WAY SYNC) between folders without re-copy of existing files or renamed/moved files
  • FOLDER SYNC (TWO WAY SYNC) file versioning without a need to track change log!
  • DELETION OF DUPLICATE FILES within single folder or between folders
  • COMPARE & COPY MISSING FILES between folders
  • CRC FILE CHECK between two folders
  • MULTIPLE SYNC JOBS in task list
  • SYNC LAN FOLDERS (*through mapped drives only)

Folder Synchronization in folder replica offers ways to find duplicate files within your folders, and analyze your backup locations in a best possible way so that you don't transfer files which you already have, also If you have changed names or reorganized folders of your data, Folder replica can detect these changes and offer renames of files and new folder creation on target backup folders. Most importantly it doesn't need any aditional database tracking to detect renamed files and complete optimized one way sync!

Further more you can make lists of folder locations that you want to sync and schedule daily synchronizations.

You can see how does Folder Replica compare to other software

Detailed instructions about program features and usage are available on this link to download this program go to DOWNLOAD page.

You can also watch video tutorials bellow to see how sync modes work.(Use 720p and fullscreen for best image)

Sync Mode : Backup Advanced

Sync Mode : Folder Sync, Copy Missing, Delete Duplicates in B


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- "If you need a fast and reliable backup solution, Folder Replica is what you are looking for. It can synchronize your folders in a few seconds, with minimum effort from your part."


1 - Main Screens

2 - CRC matching and compare


Personal File Database (Win98 Se/Win2000/XP/Vista/Win7)

License: Freeware

Did you ever wonder on what disk did you burn that specific mp3 song or a word document? Personal File Database (PFD) can help you with that. It is a free application that scans your CDs,DVD's,USB disks, folders etc. and stores all data in a database so it can be quickly searched and retrieved. You can search by FileName,Path or file type.

Detailed instructions about program features and usage are available on this link to download this program go to DOWNLOAD page.

Main Features:

  • Scans any location or drive (CD,DVD, USB, Network path)
  • Quick search by FileName,Path of file type
  • Create, rename and delete your entries

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Personal File Database at

Screen Shots:

1 - Main Screen

MTG LAN card game simulator (Win2000/XP/Vista/Win7)

License: Freeware

If you like to play Magic the Gathering I hope you will find this application usefull. I created this application because I thought that current MTG simulators are simply to complicated to set up for a simple friendly game of Magic the gathering on your PC. I wanted something that you can just click, load your deck and play against a friend over local LAN or internet. The point was not to create a game that will have any kind of robust security or anti cheating control. If you are looking for that kind of Magic the Gathering app. this is not for you.

This simulator will let you play with an opponent you can trust not to cheat you. It basically allows you to do anything you can do with physical cards so you can use this logic while playing.

You can Download the application on the download page

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