IM Software Development News

2011-07-26 Folder Replica version 1.02

  • Minor bug fixes in sync mode "Backup (Advanced) A -> B "
  • Minor bug fixes in sync mode "Copy Missing to B"

2011-07-25 New Software added Personal File Database ver 1.1 (Freeware)

2011-07-24 Folder Replica tutorial update

2011-07-21 Folder Replica version 1.01

  • Optimized Speed of analysis for sync mode "Backup (Advanced) A -> B " when valid matching files are present on B

2011-07-18 Folder Replica version 1.0

  • Added option to store Favorite Folder sync locations
  • Added View option (Compact)

2011-07-18 Folder Replica Tutorial Added

  • General Information
  • Main screen, buttons and other GUI items
  • Toolbar items
  • How to do CRC matching and comparison between two folders
  • Action list window
  • Find and delete duplicates within a single folder or between folders

2011-07-13 Folder replica version 0.95

  • Added CRC file check between two folders

2011-04-19 Folder Replica version 0.9

  • Added multiple folder synchronization jobs in task list
  • Added scheduled jobs

2011-03-10 Folder Replica first version 0.4

  • Added advanced backup between folders without re-copy of existing files
  • Added folder syncronization
  • Aded deletion of duplicate files within single folder or between folders



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