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General Information

Ever wondered on what disk did you burn that specific mp3 song or a word document? Personal File Database (PFD) can help you with that. It is an application that scans your CDs,DVD's,USB disks, folders etc. and stores all data in a database so it can be quickly searched and retrieved. You can search by FileName,Path or file type.


Main Screen and Searching

On the main screen you will find the list of all scanned catalogs(Disk, Folders ). By clicking on the tree view item you select and display all the items from that specific disk id. (By default all scanned files are displayed when you open the application)

On the right top part you can enter your search text for Filename and/or File type and/or Folder Path. Query is executed when you press enter in any of these fields.

On the top center location you will find the button that opens the dialog for a new scan. In the menu you can set the configuration of the database file.


How to Scan a new disk or folder

New scan can be started by clicking on the main screen button or though the menu-Options-Start New Scan. When new form is displayed you have to :

  • Select the starting location by clicking on the tree view folder or drive
  • Chose Filters for filename and/or file type
  • Enter the disk id for these files

When you click the scan for Files button, files will be searched on the location you specified. Be patient time to scan depends on the number of files and subfolders.

After the scan has finished status will be green and showing "done"

Now you can insert those files into the database by slicking the "insert to Db" button. Speed of insert will depend on the number of files.


Editing scanned data

Data you have scanned is basically file information. Specific file records can be deleted from the database by selecting the record row on the right panel and right clicking and choosing delete this entry.

You can Rename or Delete whole Disk Id catalogs by selecting the disk id on the left tree view panel and then right clicking and choosing the option to delete or rename the disk id. you can also check the size of the catalog id by choosing the check size option.


Changing your database file location

All program data is stored in Files.db file. You can change the configuration by going to the menu main-Configuration. When you click on the "change db file" button you can browse to a different files.db file (this will not move your database to this location - you must point to an existing Files.db for example from a previous installation of the program after you reinstalled the OS) and link your application to this new database. This is useful for example if you have reinstalled your computer or the program and you need to use your previously created database. Don't forget to save your new configuration.

You can backup your data by copying the files.db file.







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